UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust
Corporate Governance Overview

The UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust established a Corporate Governance Program in 2010 to protect the long-term value of the companies the Trust holds in its investment portfolio. The Program’s goal is to promote corporate governance best practices at these companies, leading to better performance and in turn, protecting the assets in the Trust used to pay for retiree health benefits. 

The Program views corporations as citizens in the marketplace whose activities have a substantial impact on the entire U.S. economy. We look to the corporate community to put in place robust corporate governance policies that ensure superior financial performance, sound risk management and oversight practices, accountability to shareholders, and compliance with various regulatory requirements. 

The Program also recognizes that the Trust has rights and responsibilities as a shareholder that require it to observe certain federal laws related to its corporate governance activities, and we are committed to complying with these rules and regulations.

For a biography on the Trust's Corporate Governance Officer, click here.

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