UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust
Address Changes
It is important for members to keep their addresses up-to-date to make sure they continue to receive Trust updates and other mailings regarding their benefits. Retirees and surviving spouses must update their address at Retiree Health Care Connect (RHCC) in addition to any changes they make with the pension administrators. Retirees can change their address on the RHCC website or by calling the service center. 

RHCC Call Center

RHCC Website

Retirees can choose to update their records with an alternative (or temporary) address or a permanent address. A permanent address is the retiree’s primary home. An alternative (or temporary) address can be used by retirees who spend several months away from their primary home. An alternative (or temporary) address change does not change the current health care plan. When retirees make a permanent address change, they may need to change health care plans, since plan offerings are based on zip codes.

When the retiree changes a permanent address and the current health care plan is available the retiree will only receive a confirmation of address change either on the website or in the mail (depending on how they made the change). If the retiree changes a permanent address and their current health care plan is no longer available, the retiree will be transferred to the Traditional Care Network and will have 30 days to change to any other plan available (retroactive to the date of the address change).

Retirees who have other plans available will receive an address change confirmation and new plan enrollment information either in the mail or on the web, depending on how they made the change. Plan changes made within 30 days of an address change are considered Qualified Status Changes and are not subject to rolling enrollment guidelines. Changes made outside the 30-day period will be processed as part of the rolling enrollment process.

All address changes are effective the 1st of the month following notification of the address change.
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