UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust
Dual Coverage
Since January 2010, the Trust is responsible for health care coverage for retirees from all three autos. As a result there are a number of retirees who have dual coverage under the Trust. For example, the retiree may be a retiree from GM and a spouse of a Ford retiree; or a Chrysler retiree and a GM surviving spouse. Retirees are eligible to maintain dual coverage but it may not be in their best interest to enroll and pay for coverage for more than one plan.

Coordination of Benefits rules do not allow payment to be made from the secondary plan for services in excess of what would have been paid if the plan was primary. The Trust will continue to reach out to these retirees/surviving spouses to explain their options and attempt to save money for the retiree/surviving spouse as well as the Trust.


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