Medicare Advantage

2018 Changes: Primary Plan Option for Medicare Members

The Trust is committed to providing our members access to quality, affordable health benefits. As a result, we are expanding the availability of Medicare Advantage (MA) PPO plans nationwide and making it the primary plan for most Medicare members in 2018.


Learn More About Your 2018 Plan Options

Medicare members who are automatically enrolled in a MA Plan received an “About Medicare Advantage Plans” booklet, which included more information on this plan type and its cost savings. Because plan options available to you depend on where you live, there are three separate versions.



All Other States

More Benefits

MA PPO plans provide Medicare members with greater value, while preserving coverage levels and access to doctors and hospitals. These plans also have lower cost share than the Traditional Care Network (TCN) plan so Medicare members can save up to $374 per member per year! See the savings below* (download it here).

The Trust is pleased to be able to offer Medicare Advantage PPO plans to all Medicare members nationwide. The health plan carrier may vary based on your primary residence.


Most Medicare-eligible members will be automatically enrolled in the MA PPO plan available in their area. Members who will not be automatically enrolled include:

  • Those actively selecting another plan by contacting Retiree Health Care Connect (RHCC) at 866-637-7555 between August 1 and November 30, 2017.
  • Those already enrolled in a MA plan.
  • Those failing to meet criteria for auto enrollment.

No Impact

This change will not impact:

  • 2017 medical benefits: This change is effective on January 1, 2018.
  • Prescription drug coverage: Express Scripts will remain the prescription drug carrier.
  • Dental and vision coverage: There are no changes to dental and vision coverage.
  • Pre-Medicare coverage: This change only impacts members aged 65 or older, or otherwise enrolled in Medicare. 

Discover What Medicare Advantage Has to Offer

Get specifics about your Medicare Advantage PPO plan directly from the carrier’s customer service unit and dedicated websites for Trust members below. Learn about coverage details, participating providers and hear firsthand testimonials from Trust members who have already enrolled in these plans.

Carrier Contacts

Aetna: (855) 406-4062
BCBS: (877) 336-0377


On January 1, 2018, most Medicare-enrolled Trust members will have health care benefits provided by a MA PPO plan, unless they contact RHCC at 866-637-7555 between August 1 and November 30, 2017 to choose another plan option.