Coronavirus Vaccine Information

COVID-19 vaccines are authorized by the FDA and are covered at a $0 cost to you.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state health departments are advising who can get the COVID-19 vaccine and when. You can learn more about the vaccine here.


To learn about vaccine availability in your state, visit your state's health department information webpage:  

COVID-19 Information by State 

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We're here to support you. 

If you decide to get the vaccine, are considering it, or have other COVID-19 health visits, remember: 

  • If you are charged an administration fee for the vaccine, it will be covered by your health plan. If you pay any out-of-pocket costs, you may need to contact the health plan for reimbursement.
  • COVID-19 testing and testing-related visits are $0 cost-share through the national public health emergency period.
  • You will continue to have expanded access to telehealth and nurse visits. Call the phone number on the back of your medical ID for access information. 



There are many resources on the status of COVID-19, here are a few you may find helpful:

Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Hospital System


Retail Pharmacies


Other Government Resources


World Health Organization (WHO) Videos  

Medicare covers the COVID-19 vaccine at no cost to you. If anyone asks you to share your Medicare Number or pay for access to the vaccine, it might be a scam.
If you decide to get the vaccine, remember: 

• You can’t pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine. 

 You can’t pay to get early access to a vaccine. 

• Don’t share your personal or financial information if someone calls, texts, or emails you promising access to the vaccine for a fee.