New Primary Plan

The Trust is committed to providing our members access to high quality, affordable health benefits. We have expanded the availability of Medicare Advantage (MA) PPO plans nationwide, making it the primary plan for most Medicare members.

Your Health, Your Choice

While we believe many Trust members will enjoy these plans and benefit from its programs and lower out-of-pocket costs, in some instances the MA PPO plan may not be right for everyone. We want to reassure you that you still have a choice in health care.

If you are enrolled in the MA PPO plan but prefer the Traditional Care Network (TCN) plan or another option in your area, you can contact Retiree Health Care Connect (RHCC) at 866-637-7555 to change your plan. (Please note, if you make a change in the middle of a calendar year, any money that has been applied to your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum will not carry-over to the new plan.)

Learn More

Need specific information on coverage details, participating providers or preventive services through your new plan? Contact your health plan carrier and they can answer all your questions.

Members currently enrolled in the MA PPO Plan:
Aetna: (800) 663-0885 For all states excluding MI
BCBS: (888) 322-5616 For states in MI, AL, FL, MO & TN

Members NOT currently enrolled in the MA PPO Plan:
Aetna: (855) 406-4062 For all states excluding MI 
BCBS: (877) 336-0377 For states in MI, AL, FL, MO & TN

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