illustrated image of Benjamin Franklin next to one of his famous quotes that state an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Wellness & Prevention

This well-known quote is actually referring to fire safety but is commonly referenced when referring to health, and it couldn't be more true.
Whether you’re in good health or taking steps to actively manage a condition, knowledge is essential in preventing complications and staying well. Often, proactive approaches to medical screenings, physicals as well as small lifestyle changes with exercise and nutrition is all it takes to prevent future complications and ensure your enjoyment of good health.
Take some time to review the health and wellness information provided below. This information can help you make smarter choices that lead to the right care and better results. Remember:
  • Engage with your doctors. Come prepared to your visit with questions and prescription detail. Use this time to also get clarification and discuss the pros and cons of tests and treatments.
  • Take prevention seriously. Lifestyle choices have a large impact on your health.
Each situation is unique, and along with your providers you can use the recommendations provided in these wellness guides to determine an appropriate treatment plan together.